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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School


We hope you will never need to complain but if you do, please follow the procedure below.

Stage 1 – (Informal) Talk to the teacher concerned.

  • This is usually the quickest way to sort out difficulties.
  • You can bring a friend to support you, for example to help you put your case across. It would be good manners to inform the school if you are going to do this.
  • If you need a translator please let us know in advance so that this can be arranged.
  • We hope you can reach an agreement that satisfies you and the School. If you cannot, then you can go to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – (Formal) Contact the Headteacher

  • This can only happen if you have been through Stage 1. We do recognise however that some complaints may go straight to the Headteacher because of the nature or seriousness of your concerns.
  • Please contact the school office who will pass your concerns on to the Headteacher or another member of the Senior Leadership Team, for example the Deputy or Assistant Headteacher.
  • Please make sure you include details of your concern, why you are still dissatisfied and what action you would like to resolve the complaint.
  • We aim to contact you as quickly as possible and definitely within 5 working days.
  • In most cases complaints can be resolved quite quickly after this contact, however please note others may require significant further investigation or involve other agencies. In these exceptional cases we aim to ensure that this is completed within 20 school days wherever possible.
  • We hope that the outcome of this process will address your concern. However, if it does not, then you can go to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – (Formal) Complaint Heard By Appeals Panel

  • The complaint is heard by the Governing Body. This is the final stage of the process.
  • To do this, the complaint must be put in writing on the Appeals Panel form (which is available from the main office). Please send all correspondence care of the school office addressed to the Chair of Governors, and clearly marked CONFIDENTIAL.
  • The complaint is considered by a panel of Governors who form a complaints appeal panel. No governor may sit on the panel if they have had a prior involvement in the complaint or in the circumstances surrounding it. Please note at EWPS the panel may also include a governor from another school.
  • The panel will convene a meeting to discuss the complaint and all the investigation evidence to make a final decision on how to progress. A clerk should be appointed to take notes of the meeting and records must be kept
  • An outcome letter will be sent to you within 20 school days of the meeting.