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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Global Learning 

Global Learning at EWPS

At Ellen Wilkinson Primary School, we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to discover the wider world by equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to live and work in an increasingly globalised world.

Our Nursery children worked with our partner school  in Nigeria. The children from both schools shared their learning on "All About Me".


Year 3 pupils explored where world leaders come from around the world and their attributes.




How we teach Global Learning

In the past, we have celebrated Global Cultural Days involving the whole school and parents.

This academic year we are including Global Learning in some curriculum subjects like Geography, History and English Language. We intend to include Cultural Days and World Special occasions as well.

Children’s work are shared with partner schools in the United Kingdom and around the world.

At the beginning of each academic year, we ensure that the children are given the knowledge of the world ( the continents and countries on the World Map).

We have also embraced the teaching of the British values.

    How we know your child is succeeding  

     We measure success through evidence of:

  • Learning outcome
  • Critical and reflective thinking
  • Engagement in discussion


     Quater 1 Update  

      In this quarter we have been attempting to establish partnership work with schools in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Pakistan. The pupils in Nigeria have exchanged their learning with our pupils in Nursery. The pupils involved shared their work on "All About Me".




    Curriculum map and key documents

Welcome to the academic year 2017-2018. We are are expecting some extraordinary learning to take place. Our pupils will be learning to acquire and apply global skills and knowledge to all areas of the curriculum. 

If you would like to find out more information, please contact:

Abi Mustafa

Global Learning Leader