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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

**September 2021 Return**

September Arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find below confirmation of the arrangements for September. Please note that these are subject to change if government Covid guidance for schools changes during the summer. We will therefore send out confirmation again in August with any changes if necessary.

Kind Regards,

Sue Ferguson Headteacher

Q: When does school start?

Monday 6th September for years 1 to 6. Reception and Nursery families have been contacted seperately with their arrangements.

Term dates for next year are attached, although please note that there may be an additional bank holiday due to the Queen’s Jubilee. We will confirm this date as soon as possible.

Q: What are the school times?

Following on from our parent consultation, we can confirm that the original pre-Covid start time of 8:55 am and end time of 3:20pm will be changed to the following:


To remain as current session times. AM - 8:30-11:30

PM - 12:30-3:30


Start of school: 8.45 am End of school: 3.15 pm


Start of school: 8.30 am End of school: 3.15 pm


Start of school: 8.30 am End of school: 3.15 pm

Q: What if my children start at different times?

It is only Y6 and Lexia groups that will start at the earlier time of 8:30am. All other children will start at 8:45am. Therefore, if you have children who start at different times, you will need to drop off the child who starts at 8:30am, and then wait with your other child, until they start at 8:45am.

All staff will be preparing for lessons or supporting these groups and therefore we cannot offer supervision for any other children. Alternatively, you can choose to book your child into the breakfast club.

Q: Which gate should we use?

Year Group  Gate
Nursery Nursery gate (Tollgate Road)
Reception Reception gate (Tollgate Road by Children’s Centre entrance)
Y1 Mitchell Walk Gate (footpath back of the school)
Y2, Y3 & Y4 Dove Approach (by the main car park gate)
Years 5 & 6 Mitchell Walk Gate (footpath back of the school) Year 6 will need to be there at 8.30, Y5 at 8.45)

Please see attached mapat the bottom  for locations.

Y6 will come into school at their allocated gate at the new time of 8:30am. Children invited to do Lexia will also start at 8.30. Gate details will be sent to these families in their confirmation letter.

All other children must come to school at 8:45, using their allocated gate or their youngest sibling’s gate. (If you have a child in Year 3, Year 5 and Reception, they will all come in via the Reception gate.)


Q: Can parents now come into the playground?

At the start of the day we will continue to ask parents to drop their children at the gate so that current levels of punctuality continue and so school can start promptly.

However, at the end of the day parents can come into the playground to collect their children from their classroom doors. This means that you will also have the chance to speak to their teacher (although you may need to wait a little until all the children are collected).


Q: Is the school uniform staying the same?

Yes. School uniform is staying the same. Please see attached school uniform policy for details. We are also going to keep the current arrangement of children coming to school in their PE kit. We will send out details of PE days in the first week. No child will have PE in the first couple of days of next term so please make sure they are in uniform.


Q: Will children be allowed to bring in book bags?

Yes. Book bags can be brought in and homework and reading books can be taken between school and home.


Q: Will children still be divided in bubbles?

No. The current guidance for September says that children may begin mixing freely again which means sharing the playground for lunch and breaks and whole school events in the hall will restart.


Q: Will parents be allowed into the building?

Yes. The current guidance for September says that we will be able to bring parents back into the building. This means assemblies, parent information events and parents evening will return to onsite.

However, we do realise that many of our parents found virtual attendance via Zoom helped if they were working and so we will offer this option too.

Communication with the main office should continue to be through phone calls or emails as much as possible as this is often the quickest way to be contacted.

However if there is something you need to ask in person this can be done at the following times each day:

● 2-3pm daily

●  3.45 – 4.30pm (or any parents that are unable to make the earlier time due to work/ other commitments)


Q: Can children bring in celebration sweets?

Yes. We believe celebrating milestones and events brings us together as a community. We will send out details of what can be sent in the August letter.


Q: Will the breakfast club be running?

Yes. Breakfast club will be available from Monday 6th September for years 1 to 6. Children will need to enter through Mitchell Walk gate between 7.30 and 7.45 am. Children after this time will not be admitted as the gate will be locked and the allocated staff back inside the building.

Existing users you will need to complete a new application form to confirm you still require the place. We will ensure that if you still require a place it will be prioritised.

New users please complete the application form using the link below

Click here

We will contact you as soon as possible at the start of next academic year. Please note your child cannot start to attend breakfast club until we have confirmed we have a space for them. This is likely to be from the 13th September.

Reception children can join from January and details will be sent out closer to the time.


Q: Will after school clubs be running?

Yes. These will be starting towards the end of September. Details will be sent out at the start of next term.


Q: Will all types of school visits resume?

Yes. We are currently planning a range of visits for next year.


Q: Will SATs and other national assessments take place?

Yes. Current guidance says that all national assessments will take place in the next academic year.

Please note that if your child is going into year 2 they will be taking part in the phonics screening in the autumn term as they have missed it at the end of year 1.


Q: Will there still be Covid requirements for schools?

Yes. The latest guidance says that current hygiene and ventilation measures need to continue.


Q: Do I still need Parentmail?

Yes. This will not change as it is the system we use to send you emails and texts. It will also be the way to pay for clubs and visits as well as book parent evenings appointments.


Q: Will isolation need to still take place?

The guidance for September currently says that if your child is displaying symptoms they should book a test and if they are positive they will need to self isolate for 10 days. The rest of the class however will no longer be required to isolate. We will be sending you the most up to date guidance in September as we are sure you appreciate that this information is changing frequently.

Q: Will there be a virtual school?

For children who are isolating, virtual school will be provided. This will also be reintroduced if needed if there are any further lockdowns (hopefully we won’t need it!).