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Ellen Wilkinson
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** Lockdown Learning **

Remote education provision: parent FAQs

1. How many hours will my child be learning remotely? 

In Years 1-6, we are following a very similar timetable to the one we would normally have in school. Your child’s lessons will be a similar length as they would in school. 

In Early Years, we have reduced the number of online sessions because of the age of the children and have provided a weekly overview with suggested activities for you to complete with your child at home.  

Early Years - Nursery  30 minute daily live session and a weekly learning overview of activities and links to resources which can be used/completed at home.
Early Years - Reception 3 x 30 minute daily live sessions and a weekly learning overview of activities and links to resources which can be used/completed at home.
Key Stage 1 & 2 Y1 & 2 Online live teaching from 9 - 3pm - with 
A timetable which has a breakdown of these hours, can be found in the letter that was sent to you over the Christmas break or in our Remote Learning Policy. This timetable will come into effect from the first day of term (04.01.21).

Friday afternoons across the school will be offline, in order to give both staff and pupils a break from using screens. Pupils instead will be given an Art project to complete in this time. 

2. How will my child access the learning? 

The main platforms your child will be using for their remote education are Zoom for the live lessons and Google Classroom, where they will find the tasks set and be able to submit their work. Your child’s Zoom details have been sent to you via email.

The school also makes use of a number of other online resources and platforms. Links to which can all be found on the school website - on the Useful Links page, in the Children’s Zone.  Click here

The easiest way for your child to access Google classroom and the other online platforms is to go through RM Unify. Again, the link to this can be found on the school website.

3. Will you be following the normal curriculum or have you changed it? 

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we have needed to make some adaptations to our long term planning, in some subjects. 

In some subject areas, we may need to move certain units to later in the year, when hopefully we will be back on site. This is due to pupils not having access to particular resources at home. For example, some Computing units require specific apps and software. Also, DT and Art units which require specific tools and resources in order for pupils to learn the required skills.

4. What should my child expect from their teacher and the lesson? 

Teachers will be online (on Zoom)  from 9am until 3pm - with a 15 minute break in the morning and a 1hour lunch break Monday to Thursday. They will be there to teach lessons and support your child with their learning, just as they would when in school. They will also be responsible for setting tasks and ensuring they are uploaded to Google classroom. If this is not possible due to illness or other circumstances, another member of staff will cover the lessons and ensure the work is set. 

On a Friday time online will be from 9 until 12 as work will be set for the afternoon that does not require access to a computer as we are very aware of the level of screen time required at the moment.

Teachers will mark the work and provide feedback as normal - except it will be carried out virtually via Google Classroom.

5. How will you provide feedback on my child’s work and learning? 

Feedback will be provided to your child during the live lessons. The class teacher will also be checking all the work submitted via Google classroom and providing as much regular feedback as possible.

Where needed, either to discuss concerns or to let you know about some particularly good work, class teachers may call you.

6. What should my child do if they are stuck, need support or need to ask a question? 

If your child needs support or needs to ask a question there are various ways they can get help. 

When on Zoom i.e. during the live lessons, your child can indicate they need help by raising their hand or (when enabled) put a message in the chat. The teacher will then be able to help. 

It may also be that based on Assessment for Learning during the input, the teacher will work with your child or will place your child with a member of support staff in the breakout room- to receive more targeted support. 

Between 2:15pm and 3pm, once the input for Foundation subjects has been given, teachers remain online whilst children are completing the tasks set on Google classroom. Teachers will be using this time to help any children who need further support or who have questions about their learning.

If your child is completing a task after 3pm and needs help, they can send a message via Google classroom. Teachers will respond as soon as they can. 

7. What are the attendance, behaviour and work expectations during lockdown? 

We expect all children to be attending virtual lessons daily unless they are too unwell to do so. In this case please contact the school to inform us.

We expect everyone to always follow the vision and values of the school. Specific details of expectations can be found in the Remote Learning agreement that has been sent to all pupils, but in summary the same attendance, punctuality and behaviour expectations apply online as they would do in school.

We realise learning virtually can sometimes be frustrating, but children need to ask for help if they are finding this (like they would in school) so we can find a way that works for them. Please see the behaviour policy addendum for further details.

8. How should parents contact teachers and the school? 

As we have made clear in the Remote Learning agreement, if you need to contact teachers and the school, please remember that you should not be doing so via Zoom, during the online sessions, as this disrupts both the teacher and the rest of the children in the class.

Instead, if you have a question for the class teacher regarding your child’s learning, please contact them by sending an email to your child's year group inbox.

The email address is your child’s year group followed by 

E.g. If your child is in Year 6, the email address is

For all other enquiries, you should contact the school office on 0207 511 9414 or you can send an email to

9. How will you support my child’s welfare and safety? 

Class teachers take registers at the start of the AM and PM sessions or for Early Years, each individual session. The school is then monitoring whether pupils are online and punctual. We will also be monitoring whether they are completing the tasks set and to what standard. We will then be contacting any parents where we have concerns about this and to offer ways to support any difficulties you may be experiencing.

If in any instance, we cannot contact families we will conduct a ‘doorstep’ visit to ensure that we are satisfied that the child can be accounted for. 

Where class teachers have a safeguarding concern about a pupil, this is being recorded and reported in the usual way in accordance with the school’s Safeguarding Policy. Staff will pay particular attention to the COVID addendum and ensure that this is followed when working remotely.

From the wb.18.01.21, the learning mentors, Miss Baker and Mr Hart, will also be running drop in wellbeing sessions. These will take place on Zoom - login details and a timetable will be sent to you.

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2.15 until 2.55 pm there will be a virtual “Chill and Chat” for any child to access. 

  • Wednesday from 2.15-2.55 pm will be for any parent or carer to access and discuss any concerns or worries they may have in relation to well-being.

Again, if at any time you are worried about your child, or need any further support from the school, you can contact the school office on 0207 511 9414. 

10. How will you work with me to help my child who needs additional support from adults at home to access remote education? 

We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils in the following ways:

  • Onsite provision is available for all our children who are usually  in receipt of 1:1 SEN support 

  • Creative and hands on activities are sent home as a resource pack to support parents with their children at home.

  •  Links are facilitated with Local Authority SEN Specialists and parents as needed.

  • SEN review meetings and annual reviews are facilitated 

In Early Years, we have reduced the number of online sessions because a full day of online teaching is not appropriate due to the age of the children. Therefore in addition to the smaller number of daily live teaching sessions (see section 1) we provide a weekly overview with suggested activities for you to complete with your child at home.

In a small number of cases children may still experience difficulties in accessing online learning irrespective of age and/or SEND needs. In these cases please speak in the first instance to the class teacher and we will discuss ways in which this can be supported.

11. If my child is unwell, or unable to take part in their online lessons that day, what should I do? 

If your child is unwell or is unable to attend their online sessions, you must follow the usual method of reporting absence through Studybugs or by contacting the main office on:
0207 511 9414 (Option 1).

12. I want to send my child into school instead of learning remotely, can I? 

We currently have provision on site for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. These have been identified through the main updated information form all parents were asked to complete.

Click here to view the form.

Families are then contacted to discuss what provision is needed and why so that appropriate staffing can be put into place.

You will have seen the news that schools are concerned about the number of pupils now in school as a result of the Government widening the criteria around this. Indeed, at Ellen Wilkinson we currently have 5 times the number of pupils in the school than we had in the first lockdown and the numbers have been increasing each week. 

If this continues to rise, then we may have to place limits on the numbers if we felt that this would be putting unnecessary risk on pupils and staff.

The Government has stated in its guidance that key workers “should keep your child at home if you can”.

Therefore, we would urge all parents who meet the criteria and are not yet sending their child into school but are considering it, to only do so as an absolute last resort so that we do not have to limit the provision.

13. What are the children who are onsite (children of key workers and vulnerable children) doing? 

The pupils on site are doing exactly the same as all other pupils. They access the live lessons on Zoom and submit their work to Google Classroom in the same way as the pupils at home.

14. My child needs one of the laptops that have been issued to schools by the government. How do I go about getting one? 

There was an announcement that schools would be issued laptops to loan out for children to use remotely. Please be aware that the total number we were allocated was 35 and there are nearly 500 children in our school. We have already given out these 35 devices and school ones as well.

Priority for loan distribution is: Child Protection/ Child in Need, Looked After Children, FSM with no access at all and families with multiple children trying to use the same device. Even in these cases only 1 device may be able to be issued per household due to the limited number we have. 

The information about access to technology was a question on the updated contact form we sent you in September and multiple times since then. Please do not contact the school. We are working our way through these lists (and they are checked daily) and will contact you when/if we have devices available. 

If you did not complete the updated contact information the link is:  Click here

15. I’m running out of data - what should I do? 

The Department for Education is running a pilot offer to increase mobile data allowances for children and young people. 

This scheme is open to children and young people who: 

  • don’t have access to a fixed broadband connection (Internet through telephone line connection)

  • cannot afford the additional data needed to access educational resources or social care services 

  • have access to a mobile device that uses a participating network (EE, O2, SMARTY, Virgin Mobile, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Three, Vodafone)

  • are facing disruption to their face-to-face education, or have been advised not to attend school

If you would like to apply for additional mobile data please complete this questionnaire as soon as possible. Click Here  

16. What happens if my child receives Free School Meals (FSM)? 

If you are currently eligible for FSM you will have been contacted about whether you wish to have a food parcel arranged for you, which you will need to collect from the school site. Details of this have already been sent to you. 

The Government has now confirmed that vouchers will be available shortly. As this gives parents and carers more flexibility we will be moving to this system. All eligible families will be contacted about this when we are sent the information. This may not be until next week (wb18.01.21).

If your circumstances do change and you think you may now be eligible, we would strongly suggest that you apply, which you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Click Here 

17. Are you still going to hold a Parents’ Evening? If so, how will this be done safely? 

Yes - Parent’s Evening will still be going ahead but it will take place later in the Spring term rather than early February. It is more than likely, given the current circumstances, that it will be online via Zoom, as it was in Autumn term. You will receive a letter with further information, shortly.

18. What happens if my child has an EHCP and the annual review is due? 

All annual reviews will go ahead but will be held by either phone or Zoom. We will ensure that all annual reviews take place before their deadline. 

19. My child is in year 6. Will the SATs be happening this year? 

It has now been confirmed that the Year 6 SATs that were due to take place in May 2021 have been cancelled. 

It is still paramount that your child attends all lessons and completes all tasks set to them by their teacher as we will still need to prepare and ensure they are ready for secondary school and meet the end of Year 6 expectations. In-school teacher assessment will continue as normal.

20. If my child is not in school because they are self-isolating, how will their remote education differ from the approaches described above? 

If your child needs to self-isolate, but the majority of their peer group remains in school, the remote education provided will differ slightly from the approach for whole groups. Your child will be required to Zoom into the lessons that are being taught in school. Tasks will be set on Google Classroom or shared on screen. As with the whole school approach, work will then need to be submitted to Google Classroom. Please see out Remote Learning policy for further details in this regard.


If you still have a question not covered in this FAQ,  please contact us on