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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Applying for a Nursery Place

15 hours Childcare - Standard Offer
To apply for a nursery place for your child please complete the application form via the below link.
This form is only for those parents with children aged two and over wanting to apply for a nursery place for the standard offer of 15 hours education for when their child turns three. Once you have completed the form your child will be added to our waiting list. Offers will be made termly when available.
Please be aware your child will not be offered a place any earlier than the term after your child turns three.
If you need to pay for additional hours on top of the 15 hours Childcare - "Standard Offer" (mentioned above) then refer to our Little Ellies pages.
30 Hours Childcare
You can check if you are entitled to 30 Hours funding (or any other types of support for childcare) by visiting the Government Website: 
For families who are entitled to "30 Hours" childcare then the school provides a limited number of spaces for children who are eligible (currently this is a maximum of 8 places).
If you wish to use your 30 hours funding with the school nursery then please use the online application form above. 
However, there are more places available for parents to use their 30 Hours funding via our PVI childcare  provider "Little Ellies".
Little Ellies is run by the school to provide childcare where there is usually a need for a parent to pay for"additional" childcare / time over the amount paid for by the Government (i.e. you need extra hours that the funding doesn't cover - i.e. School Holidays or longer days).
So, for 30 Hours places you may have a better chance of accessing a place using your 30 Hours funding through Little Ellies.  Please refer to our Little Ellies pages  on this website for more info on 30 hours.
You can access our pages about Little Ellies by following this link: LIttle Ellies pages