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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School


Our Curriculum Vision:

In order to achieve our vision of ‘Learning to Grow and Succeed Together’, we use our core values to enable our children to:

  • Have dreams, values and ambitions, and the life skills to reach their full potential.
  • Know how to learn, and have skills and knowledge for life.
  • Be independent, self motivated and self confident.
  • Be successful by learning from mistakes, accepting failure and having the determination to try again.
  • Stand up for themselves whilst respecting the ideals of others.
  • Understand that they can make a difference in an imperfect world, and have sound values to build a life on.
  • Attain highly across the curriculum in order to have the best possible life chances and opportunities.

Making our vision and values a reality:

At EWPS our curriculum is based around a set of golden absolutes to help us make our vision and values a reality. These were created after consultation with pupils, parents, governors, staff so that we truly reflect the needs, interests and aspirations of the community we serve. These golden absolutes are a curriculum that:

  • Enables children to be aspirational and prepared for life in the 21st century.
  • Promotes enjoyment, creativity, critical thinking and fascination for learning.
  • Nurtures the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of every child.
  • Supports children to become effective and confident communicators.
  • Encourages collaboration, team work and mutual respect.
  • Provides a meaningful context for learning that reflects local needs and community.
  • Broadens horizons, locally, nationally and globally.
  • Promotes a social conscience that reflects British Values.
  • Provides access for all.