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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School


Curriculum Statement

At EWPS we believe that all children have the right to a stimulating and enjoyable education which is broad, balanced and relevant. This must meet individual needs, ensure success for all and prepare children as life-long learners.

Our school vision of ‘Learning to Grow and Succeed Together’, is achieved through our curriculum in the following way:


Curriculum re-development

Curriculum re-development happens on a 3 year development cycle, which is structured around a circle for change (C4C) model. 


Organisation & Planning

Work in EWPS prioritises progression and continuity whilst meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum. Learning occurs through both subject specific and cross-curricular lessons.

Our curriculum is organised into quarters of approximately 9 weeks. This is so that learning and teaching can be planned to maximise time available rather than being dependent on when school holidays fall. We also found that certain half terms were often too short to explore aspects in enough detail and other terms were often too long. 

Every subject is given a time allocation to ensure that timetables are created enabling a broad and balanced curriculum. These differ slightly in KS1 & KS2 to allow for differing curriculum demands i.e. phonics sessions in KS1 & MFL in KS2

Children are generally taught in mixed ability, single age class groups. In response to the needs of the class, children may be grouped in different ways to ensure the best learning for all, this includes targeted support work. 

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