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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Junior Governing Body (School Council)

Junior Governing Body at Ellen Wilkinson

How it works

Ellen Wilkinson’s Junior Governing Body members are chosen each year through the democratic process of election. All pupils in years 1 – 6 have the opportunity to become a member of the Junior Governing Body as as a representative. Those who are interested have to prepare a speech stating why they consider themselves to be the right person for the job! Each child has to deliver the speech to their peers in their class and answer any questions. Once this is finished, the voting process begins.

This early introduction to voting is intended to familiarise pupils with the key skills needed to become active citizens in the wider community.

Over the years the Junior Governing Body (previously known as School Council) members have participated in staff recruitment: Simon Sutton the schools Site Supervisor was put through a gruelling interview by Junior Governing Body members when he applied for his job!

Quarter 1 Summary 

We, the Junior Governors, have been selected through an election process which took place during British Values’ week in September. Children had the chance to learn about the democratic process and then took part in a ballot which resulted in the election of the school’s Junior Governor Body.

School lunches:

  • Our first project consisted of collecting thoughts and opinions on the school menu and changes the children would like to see.
  • As a result, we have scheduled a meeting with the school chef to discuss future changes to the menu.

Anti-bullying week:

  • During AntiBullying week, we carried out pupil voice surveys, where we identified areas the children felt safe and where they would like more support.
  • We will soon feed this information back to the Senior Leader Team.

Local community work:

  • Most recently we had the chance to take on the responsibility of Eco Guardians.
  • It was here that some of us had the chance to care for our local community by collecting and correctly discarding of litter in Beckton park. We look forward to continuing our contributions to the local community as well as our school.

Quarter 2 Summary 

Our Junior Governors were involved in many projects during quarter 2:​

Good Deeds at Christmas:

  • The JGB promoted the Christmas Kindness Calendar throughout the month of December, as well as a Festive Jumper day on 15th December 2021 raising money for ‘Save the Children’. ​

Food Tasting:

  • Members of the Junior Governing Body had the chance to participate in the menu development program for Juniper (our caterers).
  • The development team asked our JGB members for their feedback on a number of potential dishes for the new menus.
  • The JGB were very forthcoming and provided feedback which was valuable to the caterers.


  • ​The JGB had the opportunity to meet with Mrs Ferguson to discuss the best use of playground equipment.
  • Junior Governors expressed helpful suggestions which have already had a positive impact during break and lunch times.

KS2 Virtual School Council Conference:

  • The Junior Governors from Years 4 and 5 joined a virtual conference with pupils from across the borough.
  • The theme of the discussion was, ‘How to manage school projects’.
  • This was very useful for the JGs because it allowed them to understand the importance of their role and the impact they can have on the wider school community.

Quarter 3 Summary 

Our Junior Governors were involved in many projects during quarter 3:​

World Book Day:.

  • Junior Governors prompted World Book Day and supported staff leads to make it a successful event. 
  • Everyone at Ellen Wilkinson enjoyed dressing up as animal characters from different books. 

Beckton Parks

  • The JGB contributed ideas to Newham Council about the future of Beckton Parks.
  • They shared ideas such as: more flower bed across park; better equipment in the children play area; more benches and cycle lanes to encourage children to ride their bikes. 

Walk to School  - WOW badge design:

  • The JGB promoted an exciting art competition to design a WoW (Walk on Wednesday) badge. 
  • EWPS children had the opportunity to design a new ‘Walk on Wednesday’ badge and the theme was ‘Walk through time’. 
  • The winning badge design will be announced later in the year.  



Our quarterly updates on projects can be found here.

2020-2021 Projects
Ellen Wilkinson Junior Governing Body has helped to introduce major changes to the school playground. They met with the Head teacher and Governors to discuss their ideas and give their views. They also looked at extensive plans for climbing equipment and surfaces for the floor to help choose the final products. One of their projects  was to find out how well their peers like the new play equipment. The outcome was very positive; however, it was felt that the playground needs a ‘Buddy Bench’. After careful consultation with Mrs Ferguson, the new Buddy Bench was introduced and has proven to be very successful.

Junior Governing Body Meetings are held every week, lasting for up to one hour, during which members sharpen their skills in chairing, minute taking, secretarial skills, listening, putting forward ideas, decision making and communication to name but a few. Pupils have built up confidence in running short Class Council meetings when they report back to their peers on issues discussed at meetings.

At Ellen Wilkinson, our purpose is to support the growth of Junior Governing Body members to become dynamic and resourceful citizens.

Junior Governors 2022 - 2023

Shark Ariana and Larissa
Whale Nia and Agnija
Stingray Kajus and Boris
Dolphin Isra and Naglis
Octopus Jay and Diana
Seahorse Ruby and Olivia
Lobster Eric and Natalie
Turtle Aroush and Luca
Jellyfish Sonny and Shannon
Starfish Oliver and Ayden
Lionfish Isabella and Paula
Clownfish Ismaeel and Kayden