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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Junior Governing Body (School Council)

Junior Governing Body at Ellen Wilkinson

How it works

Ellen Wilkinson’s Junior Governing Body members are chosen each year through the democratic process of election. All pupils in years 1 – 6 have the opportunity to become a member of the Junior Governing Body as as a representative. Those who are interested have to prepare a speech stating why they consider themselves to be the right person for the job! Each child has to deliver the speech to their peers in their class and answer any questions. Once this is finished, the voting process begins.

This early introduction to voting is intended to familiarise pupils with the key skills needed to become active citizens in the wider community.

Over the years the Junior Governing Body (previously known as School Council) members have participated in staff recruitment: Simon Sutton the schools Site Supervisor was put through a gruelling interview by Junior Governing Body members when he applied for his job!


Ellen Wilkinson Junior Governing Body has helped to introduce major changes to the school playground. They met with the Head teacher and Governors to discuss their ideas and give their views. They also looked at extensive plans for climbing equipment and surfaces for the floor to help choose the final products. One of their projects  was to find out how well their peers like the new play equipment. The outcome was very positive; however, it was felt that the playground needs a ‘Buddy Bench’. After careful consultation with Mrs Ferguson, the new Buddy Bench was introduced and has proven to be very successful.

Junior Governing Body Meetings are held every week, lasting for up to one hour, during which members sharpen their skills in chairing, minute taking, secretarial skills, listening, putting forward ideas, decision making and communication to name but a few. Pupils have built up confidence in running short Class Council meetings when they report back to their peers on issues discussed at meetings.

At Ellen Wilkinson, our purpose is to support the growth of Junior Governing Body members to become dynamic and resourceful citizens.

Junior Governors 2019 - 2020

Shark Saule and Madlen
Whale Lazslo and Harold
Stingray Adam and Joy
Dolphin Stephanie and Ajahni
Octopus Austeja and Matei
Seahorse Rhea and Zarah
Lobster Olivia and Taleah
Turtle Danielus and Morgana
Jellyfish Nicoleta and Jake
Starfish Daniel G and Kevin
Lionfish Ruby-Jo and Nuh
Clownfish Jay and Sofia