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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Ofsted Reports

We had an extremely successful Ofsted Inspection in December 2015. Listed below are some of the things that were said about our provision. Alternatively, read our full report by clicking here.

“.. the school’s aims, ‘learning to grow and succeed together’, are established throughout the organisation. “

“The school actively promotes and celebrates its diversity and shared values of tolerance and respect. Governors and staff believe in these principles passionately.”

“Pupils achieve well from their own starting points.”

“Pupils feel that learning is fun and interesting because adults try hard to make this so. Pupils’ books and vibrant class and corridor displays reflect a wide and stimulating range of learning experiences. “

“Pupils’ attitudes and their behaviour are excellent. They relish opportunities to take responsibility for themselves and their school. “

“Safeguarding has the highest priority in school. Pupils, staff, parents and governors are all committed to ensuring that children are as safe as they can be.”

“Teachers are proud of their work and they have established trusting relationships with pupils, who in turn reflect the same by working well with one another. “

“Staff at every level operate cohesively as a team, but they are not complacent. They challenge one another and state their views professionally and openly during consultations about proposed changes or future plans.”

“Governors have been reconstituted in the last 18 months. The new chair and vice-chair of governors have shown strong leadership to radically overhaul how they function as a governing body. They have higher expectations of you and your team than previously, holding you to account strongly for school improvement. Leaders respond to this expectation, thereby promoting a challenging partnership.”

Our next steps

Leaders and governors should ensure that attainment in writing increases quickly by:

  • Insisting on higher expectations by staff and pupils about the presentation andmarking of work
  • Making sure meaningful opportunities promote pupils’ interests to write at length and to a high standard across the curriculum
  • Assessment, including in the early years, uses performance information to identify and inform next steps in learning to increase the rate of pupils’ progress
  • The strategic plan sets longer-term objectives to drive the aspiration to become an outstanding organisation within an agreed timescale.