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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Quarter 1 - (05 Sep -18 Nov)

Year 6 Visit to Houses of Parliament  


As politics has been at the forefront of the daily news recently. Year Six, were privileged to visit the Houses of Parliament where our government meets and make the laws that our country follow. This week, we have learnt the value of democracy and how lucky we are to have a voice. So like the country has a new leader of the government, Year 6 will be voting in our new class junior governing body representative. 

Year 5 visit Emmanuel Centre in Westminster

On Wednesday 2nd November, year 5 children went to the Debate Launch event in the prestigious Emmanuel Centre in Westminster. They loved seeing all the other competing schools and watching a demonstration Debate. We can’t wait to see how they grow in confidence through the Debate Club.


 Year 6 FairPlay House

On Monday 10th October our Year 6 student went on a 5 day residential trip to Fairplay House in Wickham Bishops.

 For the most part the weather was kind to them, and they managed to experience lots of activities such as; archery, zip wire, forest games, high ropes, canoeing, bush craft, crabbing, a talent show and movie nights. They even did some 'extreme reading' in the most unusual of places!



 Year 2 Audley End Trip 

On Thursday 13th October, Year 2 visited Audley End House as part of their Big Question exploration of what was life like for children throughout the ages in history. We had a fantastic time finding out what life was like for children in the Victorian era. We took on the role of servants and found out what roles men and women had. The boys had to polish shoes and lay the table while the girls had to scrub the floors and dust the room. We then went onto explore the kitchens, laundry rooms and dairy rooms. We found it very difficult when we were tasked with folding the laundry and were shocked to find out that the Victorians had to wash all their clothes by hand and cook using a fire they had to light themselves. After our workshop, we explored the stables and the main house. We saw a horse in the stables which was very exciting and the main house was extremely large! Many of us said we would love to live in a house this big! We had a brilliant time finding out lots of extra information about the life of children in the Victorian times and this will certainly help us in our classwork.


Year 6 visit to Tate and Lyle

This week Year 6 attended a Junior Citizen workshop at Tate and Lyle. There were several workshops the children attended including: How to stay safe on public transport, Water safety, Gangs and how children are recruited, What to do if there is a fire, Recycling and Why it is not a good idea to start smoking or vaping. After the workshop the children returned to school with a deeper understanding of how to be a good citizen. 

Remembrance Day Service

On November 11th, the Junior Governors from Year 4 & 5 represented our school in attending a Remembrance Day Service at Central Park. We felt privileged to be invited to honour the many people who have fought for our country, past and present.

 Year 1 visit to Ascension Church

Year 1 had the chance to visit Ascension Church to learn about Baptism. They had lots of fun looking around the church to find all the crosses. The church even rang the church bell for us!