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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Quarter 3 (7 Feb - 6 May)

Dress to Express - Friday 11th FEBRUARY

For ‘Dress to Express’ we encouraged children and staff to come to school wearing a colourful outfit that makes them happy. This event not only raised awareness for children's mental health week but enabled our children to explore different ways they can express themselves and share feelings, thoughts, or ideas. Children also explored a range of ideas and activities about how to express themselves during this day.


We were delighted to send 12 of our children to compete at Newham Leisure Centre against other schools. The children were able to take part in a variety of activities which included, long jump, javelin, football, and racing. EWPS eventually came 2nd out of 10 schools.

Year 4 Bakers 

As part of their big question unit, year 4 spent the day learning how to make different types of bread from countries around the world. They also enjoyed a tasting session. Well done to all our budding bakers and thanks to Juniper (our caterers) who came and worked with the children.

World Book Day

We were delighted to celebrate World Book Day, where children and adults all enjoyed having more time to celebrate and share books together. It was lovely to have a range of adults visit to read with us and for some of our older children had the opportunity to read with our smaller ones.

Year 6 - World Book Day


We marked the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, by dressing up and reading with our Nursery children.  It was a joy to see the love of reading shared between some of the youngest and oldest children in EWPS.

St Pauls Cathedral


Our year 2 classes visited St Paul’s to learn about the Easter story to support their learning in RE. This will also link forward to the work they will be doing next quarter in relation to how the Great Fire of London changed London.


Following their visit we were particularly proud to receive the following email from St Paul’s Education Team:

“On behalf of the Schools and Family Learning department I would like to extend a big thank you to your students for their behaviour on their visit to St Paul’s Cathedral. The tour guides were really impressed with the respect that they showed towards the building, their interesting questions and their enthusiasm. We have sent you a certificate in recognition of their excellent conduct.”



The Year 4 visited a Gurdwara in February 2022 linking to their RE unit,  'What religions and world views are represented in our neighbourhood?'


VR workshop

In Science Year 5 had the opportunity to take part in a space VR workshop, where they were immersed in their learning, simultaneously exploring a virtual universe. 

They blasted off into space, piloting their research vessels around planets and moons and learning about the solar system. 

First Aid at EWPS - Check Airways, Breathing and Circulation(ABC!)


ABC! That's all we need to know to save a life. Check Airways, Breathing and Circulation.  We at EWPS from Year 1 to Year 6 had visitors to teach us First Aid.​ We learned such vital skills as knowing who to call if there is an emergency, CPR and even how to use a defibrillator. 


Art Matters Photo Shoot

As part of the Art Matters gallery promotion, six of our art club children visited the University of East London  to take part in a photo shoot. The professional photos will be used to promote the gallery across Newham schools. The sculptures the children made were based on their heritage which they enjoyed making with withy and textiles.

Lego Workshop

Year 5 were offered to take part in a Lego workshop at London’s University Technical College.  The focus of the session was Green Energy, which centred around global conversions on the planet - sustainability, recycling and energy.  

The children were able to design,  create and evaluate their constructions on how to implement sustainable energy sources within a community. 

They created wind turbines, hydroelectric generators and  renewable energy solutions with Lego.

Year 2 Suntrap Forest Centre

Year 2 attended a really fun visit to Suntrap Forest Centre as part of their unit about Explorers. They had to build their own shelters out of fallen branches and navigate themselves around the forest using maps, completing tasks at each checkpoint. They behaved so well, and we are all so proud of them - they definitely have what it takes to become explorers!

Year 1 Paradise Wildlife Park

In science, Year 1 has been exploring the question 'Which animals live on our planet?'. To help us answer our question we visited Paradise Wildlife Park where we were able to see penguins, lions, snakes, meerkats, zebras, emus, monkeys and many more. We had a fantastic time and it is memory that the children and adults will cherish for a lifetime.

Year 3 Celtic Harmony Prehistory Experience

Year 3 enjoyed visiting Celtic Harmony and took part in exciting activities  to support our learning of Stone Age to Iron Age. Everyone had the chance to participate in activities such as den building, starting fires using tools, forest hunting and cooking inside roundhouses.


World Earth Day

Friday 22nd of April was marked around the world as Earth Day, and at EWPS we celebrated the planet through lessons and activities. Each class took part in an activity to help them understand that our world is beautiful, but  is fragile and is changing faster than plants and animals can adapt. Classes learnt about local issues like the trees we have within our school grounds, as well as looking at the wider global effects of climate change.


Y5 Visit Kew Gardens



Year 5 visited Kew Gardens to support their learning on the Rainforests in Geography. We took part in a workshop that looked at analysing the temperature and humidity in a rainforest biome, and then used the Palm House as inspiration for our art project. It was great to use the different equipment to measure the conditions and see the diversity of plants and wildlife.

Year 4 - Museum of London



This quarter, Year 4 went to the Museum of London to see a Roman exhibition. They enjoyed listening to the explanation on how technology now can allow us to determine the age, gender and life quality of a Roman through their DNA. We also were able to visit part of the remaining Roman wall and explore where the Romans once had stables and kept their horses.

Year 5 - 3 Day Residential Visit to Fairplay House

Many of our year 5 children spent three days on their residential journey at Fairplay House. They got the opportunity to try a range of activities including: caving, canoeing and high ropes. This not only supports our Outdoor and Adventurous Activity provision, and it really helps our children to develop their self-confidence and belief as they challenge themselves.

Quarter 3 - Learning Fair

Last Friday we held our latest Learning Fair, these are held at the end of every quarter to showcase
the learning that has taken place. They give opportunities for children to:
● share their learning with others,
● refine their presentation and speaking skills,
● build self-confidence,
● promote school community cohesion and
● provide tasters of units that children will go on to study, or recap ones they have done in previous years.


Approximately 8 children remain in each class to host, whilst all other children visit other classes. Children not only lead all these sessions but should also be involved in planning and preparing for
them throughout the course of the unit. Please see below some examples of the learning and activities
that were shared during this quarter’s Learning Fair.

Year 3 Went Exploring 


Year 3 explored the woods, enjoyed displays from friction fire lighting to Stone Age tool talk. They also had a chance to explore Celtic crafts and practise aiming on the mammoth in the hunting zone. This was linked to our Q3 big question - The Stone Age to Iron Age, (How do we know?)