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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

RE and Collective Worship


Our Vision:

How we teach RE:

How we ensure access for all:

How we develop cultural capital:

How we know your child is succeeding:

How you can support your child:



Religious Education at at EWPS

In Religious Education our children are taught about the Christian faith and also the faiths of the different groups that form our multi-cultural community in-line with Newham's agreed syllabus (the legal document all Newham schools follow).

The RE curriculum is agreed by the Standing Advisory Committee on RE (SACRE), which is made up of Newham councillors, teachers and faith group representatives.

This ensures that each faith group has agreed that the way their faith is taught is fair and comprehensive. They have also agreed that children from their faith will learn about the beliefs of others.

How we teach Religious Education

At Ellen Wilkinson Primary we teach RE using units of work taken from the Newham Agreed Syllabus for RE. Each unit of work is taught per quarter over a week.  To see the units your children will cover click on 'Curriculum Overview' link below.




How we know your child is succeeding

At Ellen Wilkinson Primary children’s progress in RE is monitored in the following areas at the end of each term:

  • Learning about Religion and worldwide views.
  • Expressing and communicating ideas about religion and worldwide views.
  • Gaining and deploying skills needed for study of religion and worldwide views.

Teachers use this information: to ensure pupils are making a good level of progress in RE; identify  pupils next steps in their learning and explain to pupils how they can make progress in their RE.

Curriculum map and key documents

(Click on titles below to see documents) 

Exploring Beliefs, Celebrating Diversity Newham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2016 

Newham Agreed Syllabus Primary  Summary 

Collective Worship at EWPS

Collective Worship is a time when the whole school, or groups within our school meet together in order to consider and reflect on common concerns, issues and interests. It offers all pupils an opportunity to worship through engaging in relevant, meaningful experiences and provides opportunities for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

In line with the 1988 Education Reform Act, which states that collective worship should be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’, and in recognition of the fact that the majority of our pupils are practising members of other faiths we base our assemblies on those aspects of Christian teaching that are shared with other faiths. We do this by basing assemblies on ultimate questions such as: "Does charity begin at home?" and "What does it mean to be honest?"   During these assemblies pupils are encouraged to engage by sharing their views and opinions about these questions.  At the end of each assembly pupils sit quietly to reflect on what has been discussed through the assembly.

Right to Withdraw

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the acts of Collective Worship and Religious Education lessons. It is always hoped that here at Ellen Wilkinson Primary  we can find a way to keep all children involved in their religious education. Should a parent/carer wish to do so, they must firstly request a meeting with the Head teacher to discuss the concerns in order to come to an agreement. 

Jo Higgins
RE and Collective Worship Leader