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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

School Development

To ensure that as a school we are always striving for the best possible outcomes for our pupils, the following three year strategic development plan has been created.  This strategic plan is  reviewed at the end of every academic year as part of the school’s self-evaluation cycle and is used to inform next steps for development.

It is assumed that as the plan progresses, improvements from the previous year are maintained & embedded.

This strategic plan is complemented by the School Development Plan (SDP), a shorter term more detailed operational plan extending over the course of an academic year

The following sets out a summary of what we wish to achieve for this year.


Work will begin on adopting a growth mind set approach to learning at EWPS. This is to equip our pupils (and staff!) with the skills to become more successful learners, which in turn should impact positively on attainment. This will be underpinned by the school values, which will be the focus for much of our SMSC work along with developing opportunities for increased aspiration through our Enterprise & ‘Up & Out’ initiatives. Improving higher order reading skills and refining our approach to maths will be the main focus of curriculum and standards work. By the end of this academic year pupils, staff and (hopefully) parents will be more empowered & knowledgeable about what needs to be achieved, their progress towards it and what/how they are going to achieve this. There should be increased autonomy in learning and confidence in personal ability to achieve.  Changes in support staff deployment, more distributed leadership structure and more bespoke staff CPD will support this, rather than a one size fits all approach.


2018 - 19

New plans uploaded.