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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Year 1

Chinese New Year Celebrations

As part of our MFL Curriculum, we were able to immerse ourselves in Chinese traditions by celebrating Chinese New Year. As usual, we welcomed our friends from the Confucius Institute, who put on a magnificent show for us. In addition to learning about the Chinese New Year in our Mandarin lessons, some year groups were able to take part in workshops for dance, calligraphy and martial arts. 

Q2: How do you belong to Sikhi?

In RE, year 1 have been learning about different religions across the world, and had a particular focus on Sikhism. Although faith spans countries and continents, Year 1 looked at religious stories that were set in various parts of the world, and learnt about how the main beliefs of the Sikh faith are followed in the UK and beyond. One story that was explored is the story of Guru Gobind Singh. Year 1 really enjoyed learning the meaning and purpose of the 5 K's in Sikhism and gained a deeper understanding and respect of the faith! 

'Guru Nanak is important because he helped people' -Marnie, Lionfish

'Singh means lion and when you're strong, and Kaur means princess.' -Khushpreet, Clowfish

'I remember the story of Guru Nanak telling people about God' -Fillipos, Clowfish

Q3 RE: How do you live well with family and friends? 

In this unit, year 1, we have been learning about what it means to be part of a community, and how different religions share this with each other. They learnt about how different objects and activities can be used to show significance in religion. In lesson 3, they learnt about how Jewish families celebrate Shabbat on Fridays, and got the chance to taste juice and brioche, which represented the wine and challah bread eaten by Jewish families during Shabbat. We also practised gratitude during this activity and shared what they are grateful for. 

Q4: Where will Sammy live? 

In Quarter 4, Year 1 will be exploring other parts of the world, and building on what they know about our world. They have already begun learning about what it means to be an island, and the different features of a coastline. It was really interesting to find out about different types of beaches and cliffs. 

Year 1 also learnt about which parts of the world are hot and cold, and how to recognise this on a world map. They made links to their International Week learning by looking at the typs of food eaten in the Caribbean, as well as what the weather and housing is like!