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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Year 3

Chinese New Year Celebrations

As part of our MFL Curriculum, we were able to immerse ourselves in Chinese traditions by celebrating Chinese New Year. As usual, we welcomed our friends from the Confucius Institute, who put on a magnificent show for us. In addition to learning about the Chinese New Year in our Mandarin lessons, some year groups were able to take part in workshops for dance, calligraphy and martial arts. Year 3 took part in a dance workshop!

Quarter 2: Where does our food come from?

In Quarter 2, across Geography, DT and Science, Turtle & Lobster class learnt all about the different food groups and how globalisation has meant that we have access to a wide variety of foods each and every day! They explored different ingredients and where they are imported from. Using this knowledge, they researched and planned their own pizza toppings, using a variety of ingredients from across the globe. Our pupils not only got the chance to try different foods, but also created healthy menus based on their learning. Within this unit, year 3 makes direct comparisons with a part of the UK and another part of the world, namely Lyon in France. This allows our children to look wider at their immediate vicinity. They loved creating their own pizzas, and most importantly, eating them!

'I learnt about ways to different countries. I learnt which countries are North, South, East and West.' -Spencer, Turtle Class

'What I learnt is how you can get ingredients from different countries. Making pizzas is so much fun!' -Genesis, Turtle Class

'In geography I have learnt how to make pizzas and learnt about different countries and landmarks.' -Alisha, Turtle Class

'In DT, we made pizzas step-by-step and it was fun too!' - Robert, Turtle Class

Quarter 4: Rivers of Hope

In Quarter 4, year 3 will be working alongside an artist to create artwork focused on rivers. To support them in their learning for this topic, they visited a local docks, Cody Docks, and learnt about the movement of water. Within this, they are linking with a school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to share their learning!

Quarter 3 Reading: Amazing Africa