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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Year 4

Chinese New Year Celebrations

As part of our MFL Curriculum, we were able to immerse ourselves in Chinese traditions by celebrating Chinese New Year. As usual, we welcomed our friends from the Confucius Institute, who put on a magnificent show for us. In addition to learning about the Chinese New Year in our Mandarin lessons, some year groups were able to take part in workshops for dance, calligraphy and martial arts. Year 4 took part in a martial arts workshop!

'Remembering the choreography was tricky but fun' -Aroush, Octopus

'When you're hit, you need to stay sturdy' -Lakin, Octopus

Q2: Where do we come from?

For Quarter 2, Year 4 studied 'Where are we from?' across a range of subjects. It allowed our pupils to explore their own heritage, and understand parts of the world from both a physical and human geographical perspective. They got the opportunity to research into their cultural roots, and explore aspects such as food, weather, tourism and economy. Utilising their computing skills, they created Google sites advertising their chosen country! Take a look below; would you take a trip to these amazing places?

Visit Jamaica! -Kai'Rone, Octopus Class

Visit Hungary -Jessica, Octopus Class

Visit England -Albie, Armin & Hannah, Octopus Class

Visit Lithuania -Markas, Seahorse Class


'I chose Japan as I like anime cartoons. I learnt a lot about the climate and that it has beautiful cities! I would love to visit one day.' -Abeera, Seahorse Class

'I chose Romania as it is my home country and background. I also found out some new information like many people live in the countryside and use horses for transport.' -Rafael, Seahorse class

Q3- Bread workshop

On Friday 15th March, we took part in a bread workshop! Year 4 learnt about different types of bread, including their origins. They were able to taste different types of bread and make their own opinions about them, before actually making their very own bread varieties. Year 4 made tomato bread, cinnamon bread, cheese bread and olive breads, and got to taste some from different countries, like Poland, Italy, France and Jamaica!