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Ellen Wilkinson
Primary School

Year 5

Chinese New Year Celebrations

As part of our MFL Curriculum, we were able to immerse ourselves in Chinese traditions by celebrating Chinese New Year. As usual, we welcomed our friends from the Confucius Institute, who put on a magnificent show for us. In addition to learning about the Chinese New Year in our Mandarin lessons, some year groups were able to take part in workshops for dance, calligraphy and martial arts.

Q2: How is Christmas celebrated?

As part of an RE unit focusing on Christmas, year 5 learnt about Christmas across the world, exploring different traditions that happen across the world during this Christmas period. To demonstrate their learning in this area, the children utilised their computing skills to create Google Slide presentations about different celebrations over Christmas. 

'I learnt that Australia celebrate Christmas in the summer!' -Ruby, Stingray class

'In Peru, they don't use a Christmas tree; you use a manger.' -Jessica, Stingray Class

Christmas in Colombia

Christmas in Greece

Christmas in France

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